What are the complaints about sales tools?

 What is the current state of dissatisfaction regarding sales tools?

According to employees of companies that have introduced sales tools  https://slimtime.co.jp/

1. Establishment and utilization in the field

2. Issues with data management and utilization

3. Price related

4. System design-related issues

The most common responses were as follows

The most common responses to the questions about establishment and utilization in the field were

There is a sharp difference between those who are interested in using the tools for their own activities and those who are not, and those who are trying to use the tools are becoming increasingly dissatisfied (the only instruction from the top is to "enter the data").

There are employees who do not use or cannot use the tools that have been introduced.

Some employees do not or cannot use the introduced tools. There are complaints that the tools are only used for daily reports and activity management, and are meaningless if they are not used for forecasting and performance.

There are some dissatisfied employees.

As for the issues of data management and utilization

SFA is only used as a management tool and is not utilized for sales and marketing strategies.

The data from the sales side of SFA is only self-reported, and I always wish there was more objective data.

The scale of the company is so large that multiple MA and SFA are being introduced in each department, and the data is being managed in different ways.

What about the high cost?

It is difficult for small and medium-sized companies to afford highly functional MA tools. Also, due to the nature of the tools, it is difficult to judge whether or not results can be expected from a trial. Therefore, it may be good to have a free version with limited functions.

There are cases where free tools are not enough or do not exist, although the business is too small to use paid tools. It is difficult to find low-cost and small-scale tools.

As for the system design

We are using an in-house developed SFA, but the concept and design are somewhat outdated. I heard that the next system is in the works.

We have not been able to link up with legacy systems.

There seems to be some dissatisfaction.

In this context, I recommend SlimTime's SFA "Sugar Spot".

The price is as low as 1,500 yen per person per month, making it easy for small and medium-sized companies to implement.

It can be linked to smartphones and PCs, and is designed to be easy for salespeople to handle, so there is little resistance in the field.

It is a recommended SFA.

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